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SecurityMetrics for PCI Compliance, QSA, IDS, Penetration Testing, Forensics, and Vulnerability Assessment
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Telescopic security bollards provide a secure, simple and cost effective method of securing & protecting your perimeter, premises and vehicles. These telescopic posts are generally located on driveway entrances, vehicle forecourts, private car parks or shop fronts to provide an excellent level of security and protection. A standard sized telescopic security post would be suitable for general domestic use as both a practical and highly visual deterrent while the larger anti ram raid telescopic bollards are recommended for commercial use against the threat of a ram raid attack. The design and manufacture of these larger type bollards increases the level of security and protection to a far higher standard.

Otherwise referred to as rising or retractable bollards they are designed to be raised manually out of the ground and locked into position and then lowered back into the ground when you need to allow temporary pedestrian or vehicular access. The entry level budget priced posts will have a detachable clasp lock supplied whilst the higher quality versions will have been manufactured with an integral award winning locking mechanism for added security.

Consideration will need to be given to the siting of the bollards, and permission may have to be sought from your landlord to allow the deep excavation that is needed to fit these type of bollards. The larger type ram raid telescopic posts will need excavation to depths of up to 1.2 mtrs. Testing the ground to ensure that no underground utilities are evident at that location is imperative.

Another benefit is that they will also not present any form of hazards for the public or vehicles when lowered into the ground whilst not in use. Some will have a closing lid whilst others may not.

So if you are looking for a cost effective visible and practical deterrent to secure your vehicles and property against theft or damage then they would be the perfect choice.

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Heavy Duty Anti Ram Telescopic Security bollard`s are designed specifically to secure your driveway, perimeter or premises from an attempted ram raid attack to gain access to your property, possessions and vehicles whilst still allowing access at any time for vehicles or pedestrians.

They are the ultimate deterrent for any application that requires stronger protection to withstand any attempt to gain unauthorised access by the use of force with vehicles or mechanics.

They are used mainly on private domestic driveways, industrial units to protect roller shutters, dealer forecourts, car showrooms, walkways and private business premises or large perimeters.

During normal use the ram raid bollards are simply lowered down from there upright position into an attached outer tube to allow temporary vehicular access when needed.

To secure the post`s when raised, you can choose from an integral locking mechanism or a detachable discus base lock.

The bollard unit consist`s of a reinforced inner and outer tube. The complete unit is very heavy and is buried and concreted into an excavated underground chamber at depths much greater than that of a standard telescopic bollard.The gauge of steel used in manufacture is also of a higher grade which makes for an altogether heavier bollard.

We also have access to a lift assisted version with 101 mm diameter which will reduce the lifting weight by 70%. Click here for details.

Anti Ram Raid Telescopic Posts are perfect in any domestic or commercial situation and will provide the highest level of strength and security in any perimeter or vehicle protection application you have in mind.

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Fold down parking reservation posts are designed to allow the user an option to simply unlock and fold the post down to allow for temporary vehicular access onto your private parking space.

Although not as strong as a telescopic bollard they do offer a cheaper alternative and are normally only used to secure your parking space allocation. They can be fixed onto the ground with either a 2, 3 or 4 bolt fixing method, or with the stronger sub surface spigot based fixing.

The spigot based option allows the parking post to be inserted and concreted into the ground to a depth of between 250 - 450mm.

Also be sure to allow for the ground clearance for these type of posts as when they are folded down on the ground to allow vehicular access some of them do not lay totally flush and level with the surrounding ground level.

The ground clearance needed will depend on the vehicles you intend to allow access over the bollard so you will need to bear this in mind prior to choosing the correct type of parking post for your project.

Fold down parking reservation posts are designed to reserve your parking allocation space only and are not designed to provide any major impact resistance. For this type of protection you may need to consider the option previously described. A telescopic security post which will perform as an outstanding car parking post.

For surface fix parking posts we can offer you the option of purchasing Anti theft fittings & matching driver socket if you are installing the bollard yourself or it can be requested to be used during your installation for an additional charge.They will prevent any attempted theft or tampering with your bollard. Please see more details with the post you have chosen.

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Removable or lift out bollard`s are designed specifically to secure your perimeter or to reserve your parking space when the option of a standard type fold down post would be deemed to be inappropriate or if the option of a telescopic bollard is not permitted for whatever reason. They are designed be easily and quickly removed and stored away from there permanent location to allow temporary vehicular access when needed.

They are a very substantial deterrent due to their larger size and with various options & styles they are an effective alternative to either a fold down or telescopic bollard.    

They are normally secured to the ground by embedding there spigot base attachment into an excavated hole and concreted in, although we have some within our range that can be surface mounted with bolt down surface fixings.

To secure and lock the post into there base location a detachable discus lock with keys or a specially designed locking tool are used whilst some will have an integral locking mechanism for additional security.

Because of the removal method of this type of bollard the additional weight of each type will need to be considered along with the temporary storage of the removed bollard.

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Static Perimeter Bollards act as a physical barrier to protect pedestrians and your perimeter.They are designed to remain in situ but can also be supplied with the option of a removable bollard if you would need any temporary access at that point of entry.

By providing clear traffic demarcation they add obvious security to any landscape, acting as a ram raid deterrent and regulating motor vehicle access.

They are normally embedded into the ground to a depth of up to 400 mm although they can also be supplied with a bolt down surface fixing option should your landscape not accommodate any form of ground excavation.

These fixed bollards are available in Steel, Stainless Steel, Ferrocast, Carbinox, Cast Iron and Polymer and in a variety of styles and designs to compliment your project.

All products have been treated to resist weathering and can be supplied colour finished in a range of colours to suit your intended project.

The bollards can also be reinforced to protect your buildings and property against a ram raid attack.

A range of options allows you to customise the static bollard range to meet any requirement. All products can be adapted to include motifs and can be coloured to match most British Standard or RAL numbers.

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Steel hoop perimeter barriers are supplied in either a fixed or removable version and are designed to be used whenever a large perimeter needs to be secured or for when a wider barrier is needed to perhaps position on your driveway in place of a fence.

The detachable steel hoop barriers may be part lifted to act as a gate allowing quick vehicle access, or can be completely removed.

It is an ideal way of securing larger perimeters, allowing temporary vehicular or pedestrian access whilst also denying long term vehicle entry.

They are normally embedded into the ground to a depth of up to 400 mm although a surface mounted bolt down option is also available on request.

RAM steel hoop barriers are supplied in either 60.3, 76.1 or 88.9mm diameter sections with an overall span of 1400mm and are supplied fully galvanized to BSEN ISO 1461 (1999). They can also be powder coated to most British Standard or RAL colors.

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Wireless Automatic Parking barriers provide the customer with the added convenience of being able to operate their parking post via a remote control unit from the comfort of your premises or vehicle with no need to physically touch the bollard when any temporary access is needed.

They are not designed to be used as a security bollard, only to reserve your private parking space allocation.

They are all fully re chargeable and weatherproof to IP 54 standard.All will have a back up facility that allow you to manually lower or raise the bollard should the battery fail or need a charge.They are all surface mounted using a bolt down fixing method.

To view the Auto Loc remote control automatic parking barrier please click here...



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