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SecurityMetrics for PCI Compliance, QSA, IDS, Penetration Testing, Forensics, and Vulnerability Assessment
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We have tried to answer some of our customers most frequently asked questions. However if you can not find an answer to your enquiry then please contact us direct on 01375 - 842223 for personal advice & an answer to your question.

Q; How strong & secure are the security bollards we sell ?.

A; All of our security bollards & barriers have varying forms of strengths. A telescopic post is by far the most strongest, with the heavier duty anti ram raid bollards capable of withstanding a ram raid attack. Our fold down & removable posts, also provide a very robust deterrent. For simply deterring access into an individual parking space, they are an affordable option for any parking protection solution. Care needs to be taken to ensure that with any fold down / lie flat type post, you position the post in the correct location it is intended and not where vehicles are directed to drive over the post, as this will eventually damage the post as they are not designed for this purpose. Telescopic bollards can be sited in any location as when they are lowered to allow access they are fully flat and so, can not be damaged, so long as the cover plate that is attached to the product is closed flat. If you are unsure then please contact us for the right advice. We will not sell you a post that is unsuitable for where you intend to use it.

Q; I am concerned that someone could put super glue into my locks on my security post. If this happens what can I do ?

A: This is a common concern, although to date this has never happened with any of our customers. However if this was to happen for any reason, by simply applying some Nitromors Paint Stripper solution into the locks, this will dissolve any glue that is preventing you from using your security post. Once the glue is dissolved, apply some WD40 or similar, into the lock to provide instant lubrication and to flush out any residue from the paint stripper.  

Q; Is there a fold down type parking post that can flex or bounce back if a car accidentally drives into it, so that it won`t get damaged ? I have had this happen to me before and need something more substantial so if it happens again I don`t need to worry.

A; The PG 120 is the only post of it`s type that will do this. It has a built in self defence mechanism, so if someone accidentally knocks into it, the post will bend to absorb the impact but will then bounce back when the impact is released and remain undamaged, and if it is forced right down to the ground, it will again right itself and remain in the locked position. A truly outstanding post. We are the only online retailer who offer this option in the UK Click here for more details of the PG120.

Q; I am concerned my parking post may be tampered with or stolen, are they easy to remove ?

A; All of our bolt down parking posts, parking bollards & barriers can be fixed at your location using an anti theft fixing bolt or sheer nut which renders the product un removable with any ordinary hand tools. We offer the anti theft fixings as an extra at the time of purchase or if you have requested an installation, the sheer nut option will be provided to you free of charge during the works. All the details and the option to buy these fixings will be offered to you when you are purchasing your parking post.

Q; I have a tarmac surface but want a bolt down surface fix type parking post / security post, what are my options ?

A; We would recommend you use an Epoxy Resin ground anchoring stud system and solution for fixing onto tarmac. We use this method on every surface fix installation we undertake as it is our preferred method for securely fixing onto a Tarmac surface. This will ensure your product remains rigid and secure to the surface. Alternatively some of our bolt down / surface fix post`s now have the option to have a steel spigot base extension added to the post for additional strength and security which would be an even stronger fixing for a tarmac surface, especially if the Tarmac is crumbly and not very deep.

Q; Can I have as many remote controls for the Automatic Parking Barriers or Automated Telescopic Bollards as I need ?

A; Yes, just remember to consider this point at the time of order so we can programme additional remotes to your post as otherwise we would need you to return the post for programming or we can visit you on site to carry out the work, subject to an additional charge.

Q; How long will I have to wait for an installation appointment ?

A; We will normally try to arrange a convenient appointment with you within 24 hours of receiving your order and confirm an actual installation date that we try to ensure will be be within 7 days from the time of you placing your order. However this may not always be possible, so it is better to speak to us before you place an order should you need the installation within this 7 day period. We understand that every one of our customers has a security issue they need to resolve as soon as possible, and  we will always work with you to try and help to get your bollard or post installed for you as soon as we can.

Q; What`s included within the installation charge ?

A; All our travel costs, all labour costs and all tools / materials used during the installation including the removal of the excavated spoil from site. We will always carry out a ground scan to detect any potential obstructions such as electricity cables or water and gas pipes with the use of a  Cable Avoidance Tool ( CAT Scan ). Our engineer will be fully self sufficient, and will have his own water on board and will not require any access to your electricity during normal operations whilst on site.

Q; Can I make full payment for my bollard and installation at my location on completion of the work ?

A; Yes, you can make full payment for the installation and product at the time of your installation. You will still need to pay a deposit for the product required at the time of your order. Please contact us direct to arrange this for you. You can pay your deposit by Credit or Debit card, by BAC`s, cash or cheque.

Q; If I order more than 3 of the same bollard do I qualify for a discount ?

A; Yes, we will always offer you a discount on multiple orders of 3 or more products or installations. Please contact us direct on 01375 - 373128 and we will be happy to give you the deal your looking for.

Q; What warranty to I get with my chosen product ?

A; All of our products carry a full 12 month manufacturers guarantee. We also give you a 30 day money back guarantee if the item you have purchased is not suitable for the purpose you intended or you are unhappy in any way with your purchase.

Q; If my bollard malfunctions during the warranty period, does it have to be removed from the ground to replace it ?

A; We will always try to repair your bollard in situ rather than remove it from the ground. If all else fails and this is the only option then we will remove and replace the bollard free of charge within your guarantee period.

Q: What happens after my warranty has expired and I have a problem with my product ?

A: After your initial 12 month warranty has expired we offer a comprehensive maintenance service should you ever need it. We can arrange to visit your site and carry out a complete overhaul of your product and carry out a full service to restore your product to an as new condition. This service is optional and chargeable, although we are very reasonable with our charges, so this should not be a concern to you during your decision on what type of product to purchase.

Q; How long will it take for me to install a telescopic security post / bollard myself ?

A; This would depend on the type of product purchased, your level of fitness, the surface being installed into, and having the correct tools you need for the job. It takes on average about 75 minutes for our engineers to fit and reinstate the surface for a standard telescopic bollard as they are fully experienced. However the heavy duty type telescopic bollards will require far longer as the excavated hole needs to be far deeper than the standard type. You may find this may take you double the time if you have never undertaken this kind of work before. We suggest you take your time and seek assistance during the work. You can contact us for free advice before you attempt to fit it yourself or if you prefer, we can install it for you. We are always here to help.

Q; If the post I purchased can`t be installed because of any underground services what do I do ?

A; We will always test the ground with a Cable Avoidance Tool ( CAT scanner ) & will always offer you an alternative product or issue you with a full refund, less an attendance charge of £20 + vat if we can not carry out the work, which has never happened to date as we can always adjust the siting of the bollard to avoid any services if they are detected.

Q; I am ordering more than 1 bollard, can I have all the bollards operating on the same key ?

A; Yes, just be sure to confirm the keyed alike option at the time of your purchase. This option is always offered with the relevant product. Please note that a small additional charge may apply.

Q: Can I order more keys after I have purchased my bollard or post ?

A:  Yes you can, we keep a record of your allocated key number, although we would also advise you to keep a record of the key type and corresponding key number for the product you will have ordered. Contact us direct and we will be happy to oblige. We can arrange for replacement keys delivered to you within 48 hours.

Q; You have attended to install a bollard for me but a vehicle is blocking the way, what do I do ?

A; You should always try to ensure that your parking space allocation is free on the day and time of your appointment as we will have to charge an hourly waiting time of £30 an hour if we are asked to remain on site for this reason. Alternatively you may request a new appointment date if you are aware of the problem before we arrive. To ensure we arrive on time for all of our customers we have had to introduce this charge. Prior notice to us before we arrive of any delay will negate this waiting charge.

Q; And what will happen if my installer is late for my appointment ?

A; We acknowledge that your time is as precious as our`s, so if our installer is more than 30 minutes late for your appointment and has not contacted you to inform you of a delay, then we will deduct 10% from your installation charge. Your installer will always contact you direct if they have been delayed for any reason and at least 30 minutes prior to your specified appointment time.

Q; I don`t like to leave my credit card details online, can I purchase another way ?

A; Yes, you can telephone us to order direct, pay on the day if your ordering installation or you can send us a cheque for your order along with a written order form of what you require or you can pay directly from your bank account. We are fully PCI compliant and certified and can be rest assured we never keep any credit or debit card details from any of our customers,

Q; Is your payment page safe ?

A; Yes, when the order is placed on our site, credit card details are encrypted using Paypal as our payment service provider who will authorise your details and process the payment. At no time do we view your credit card details.

Q; Are our contact details we leave with you safe ?

A; Yes, all our customer details are never given to any third party and are only used for installation & warranty purposes.

Q; Do you install on weekends or in the evening, as I work various shifts ?

A; Yes we do. We have included this option to our standard service to accommodate some customers who may work difficult schedules. Saturday appointments are generally taken up on a first come first served basis, so you may need to wait for an available slot if a Saturday is your preferred day. If you would require an evening appointment after 5pm a charge of £20 would be payable in addition to our advertised price for that particular product. A specific Sunday appointment you request would also incur an additional charge of £40.

Q; Do you install on bank holidays ?

A; You would need to discuss this with us prior to placing an order. We will always do our best to try and accommodate a bank holiday install although an additional charge would apply. Telephone us direct on 01375 - 373128 and we will be happy to try and help.

Q; Can I pay for my complete purchase including my product at the time of installation rather than online.

A; Yes, please contact us direct on 01375 - 373128 and we can arrange this for you, although a deposit will still be required to confirm the order.

Q; I have an existing telescopic bollard that needs to be removed and I would like a new bollard to replace it. Can you do this ?

A; No problem, although removing an existing bollard is more time consuming than excavating a fresh hole. This previously installed bollard will need a larger bore hole to be cut, so that we can access the area around the bollard, and as such this will then need more material to backfill and reinstate the surface. As you must appreciate we would need to apply an installation surcharge to remove and replace a bollard into the same location. The charge would depend on the location , quantities and surface. We will always try to apply the correct charge for this additional work based on our previous experience. Please contact us for guidance if this will apply to your order. If we attend the site and we need to remove an existing bollard that we have not been told about, we will advise you then and there of the surcharge before we attempt any excavation. Should you choose not to proceed because of this, we will still have to apply a call out charge of £65 + vat for our time to attend the site. We don`t spring any surprises or add any costs to our work, and we only expect the same in return.

Q: What happens if it is not possible to remove an existing bollard when you are on site ?

A: We will obviously do all we can to remove an existing bollard when we are on site, although sometimes the bollard may have been installed incorrectly and especially with a telescopic bollard, it may have been fitted with concrete from the base up. In this instance, if we feel that to remove it will not be possible, and after we have exhausted every effort, with our engineers safety to be taken into consideration, we would advise that the new bollards should be fitted as close to the existing as possible. Alternatively, if this is not an option for you, we would advise that you consider the option of a removable type of bollard.

Q: Would a charge still apply if you can not remove an existing bollard after you have attended the site.

A: If we find that a bollard can not be removed whilst we are on site, no charges will be made to the customer. We would hope that we can reach a compromise as detailed above, so that an installation can be carried out to ensure you have your access control issue resolved.

Q; I have purchased my bollard from another retailer, would you install this ?

A; Yes we would, as installation is an important element of our business we would be happy to accommodate your request. So long as the bollard or post you have purchased is fit for purpose and is fully functional, we will be happy to install it for you. If we think the product is not fit for purpose we will advise you when we are on site. We would not want you to waste your money by having a faulty product installed just for the sake of it. Should you have any concerns you can contact us direct to discuss your requirements on 01375 - 373128 and we will be happy to help.